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Today is a rough day

I'm feeling a bit scattered and unfocused today. Why? It might be that recent strides that I'd been so thrilled to see our country making in moving towards a more true equality are being decimated before my eyes -- so quickly!

First, my family, which is so important to me, represents a wide spectrum of this wonderful diverse country of ours -- and I don't think the rich tapestry that we have woven here could have happened in many other countries around the world.

Second, we're not that far from being the ones who were on the other side of safety because of the g-d we worship and the way we worship her. As a cousin reminded me today, my maternal grandmother tried to get relatives out of Hungary prior to WWII and was unsuccessful because of quotas that were in place and most of those family members were murdered in concentration camps (given geography, likely Auschwitz). There are many small ways in which I'm constantly reminded that I'm a member of a minority in this country, but this leads to.....

Third, while I am a member of a minority, and I feel the stings and sleights that come from this, I am still living in a place more protected by my privilege than others I know. I want very much to be able to practice tikkun olam and be mindful of the ways I am sheltered from some truths.

And, to top it all off, I'm being reminded of our mortality a bit too much of late. An elementary school classmate died very suddenly recently, and a dear friend who is dying of cancer may be dying sooner rather than later.

This is all a bit overwhelming. How do we keep our focus and equanimity and stop from spiraling down?

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