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About Lisa

Please review this page if you wish to learn more about what I've done and what I can do for you.

I am a renaissance woman, with wide-ranging interests.  I work as a freelance trainer and instructional designer.  Most of my work is with CRM or document management systems. I truly enjoy working with people to help them use the technical tools at their disposal to be more effective at their jobs, which is why I favor day-in-the-life approaches and scenario-based training.

I am fluent in Spanish, learning German, and can read Portuguese, French, and Italian. 

Personal Goal: I would like to branch out into what some call soft-skills training and welcome opportunities to expand my professional horizons.  


In the past I have worked in legal editing, academic publishing, helped run a small investment management company, and worked at the Library of Congress.

I have lived in the US, Argentina, and England and worked with people around the world.

In my free time I enjoy making things, reading, and hiking.  I enjoy a good meal and exploring where I live.  I always feel I should be more active, and the challenge is finding out how to work that in to my busy schedule, however, I have been running again, which is a great way to clear your head.

This site offers me an outlet for musings on life and work.

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