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Nurturing the Creative Spark

my "first draft" of the Pussy Project Hat

How do we nurture the creative spark that might be within us? I admire the creativity and artistry that so many of my friends have. Am I drawn to that in others? How can I help bring it out in myself? I clearly have that instinct. I was making my PussyHatProject hat and completed one that matched the pattern very quickly (the ribbed section is pictured here). And then.... the voice in my head said "no, I need to change this as I don't really like so much ribbing" and now here I am having #frogged back the "first draft" of the hat, working my way through by sight and feel for the style of hat that I prefer. There are times when I do this and feel a bit overwhelmed and lost as I feel my way through. I end up wondering what type of crazy woman I am for listening to that voice? But isn't that the creative spark itching to get out? (Don't worry, the hot pink color will be there as will the ears - it's just the brim and fit that I'm playing with.)

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