Today is a rough day

I'm feeling a bit scattered and unfocused today. Why? It might be that recent strides that I'd been so thrilled to see our country making in moving towards a more true equality are being decimated before my eyes -- so quickly! First, my family, which is so important to me, represents a wide spectrum of this wonderful diverse country of ours -- and I don't think the rich tapestry that we have woven here could have happened in many other countries around the world. Second, we're not that far from being the ones who were on the other side of safety because of the g-d we worship and the way we worship her. As a cousin reminded me today, my maternal grandmother tried to get relatives out of Hunga

Nurturing the Creative Spark

How do we nurture the creative spark that might be within us? I admire the creativity and artistry that so many of my friends have. Am I drawn to that in others? How can I help bring it out in myself? I clearly have that instinct. I was making my PussyHatProject hat and completed one that matched the pattern very quickly (the ribbed section is pictured here). And then.... the voice in my head said "no, I need to change this as I don't really like so much ribbing" and now here I am having #frogged back the "first draft" of the hat, working my way through by sight and feel for the style of hat that I prefer. There are times when I do this and feel a bit overwhelmed and lost as I feel my way

Not Alone in the Air

Looking out the window of my plane today I realized the speck in the distance was a plane that was coming in to land in a city below us. What an odd moment to see what an airplane in flight looks like.

Thankful for the Sky Above Us

I'm grateful for the friends I have that have taught me to look up and look out the window rather than always have my head down focused on a screen or book. Watching the sky can bring a certain amount of peace or inspiration. Best yet, if I'm knitting it doesn't distract or detract from the activity.

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